Awesome Bar & Restaurant Design Ideas by Yantram 3d interior design – Liverpool, UK

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Project 14 : Conceptual Restaurant and Bar Design Ideas
Client :21. Michelle
Location : Liverpool, UK

A unique design of Interior bar and restaurant with natural wooden floor, decent chair-table and ceiling makes view more realistic and beautiful. Hanging Light in wooden ceiling on 3d interior design each table makes interior space live.
In other views of private dining an open ceiling looks more attractive with side wall & its accessories.
Ideas, Rustic, Modern, Sports, Cocktail, Beer, Pub, Outdoor, Wine, Club, Vintage, Smoothie, Mexican, Beach, Unique, Contemporary, Café , Luxury, Wet, Rooftop, Creative, Open, Retro, Inspiration, Amazing ,Terrace, CGI, Rendering, Visuals ,3d interior design.

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