Top Ten Architectural Design Studios in the World

Starting from high rise buildings to millennium star resorts & restaurants, new metrics have been a part and parcel of this emerging era. Who won the “Best Architectural Design Studio” award last year?A huge list of practices with an edge of latest technology and importantly, a diversified touch of implementation would make them stand apart… Read more »

Top Eight Architectural Design Studios in India

According to the increasing scenario of architecture in India, there has been a noticeable growth in this industry. The designs and concepts has raised its level internationally and thus making it recognized world over. Indian Architectural Design field has been part of “Awards” and the disciplines taught here has been selected to be put upon… Read more »

360 Degree Video – Succeeding Platform for Tomorrow

360 degree filmography has taken up a huge rise in the market these days. It says, “Turn on your device, navigate through and explore the world of 360 degree videos!” Like a magician moving his stick round and showcasing his next conjuring trick, the immersive video would make you take a tour. 360 Degree Video… Read more »

Augmented Reality is found Everywhere in the Business World

With the phrase “World is evolving!” I am not only pointing towards the technology advancement but also the aftermath. With the advancement in technology, we too have changed our working tips and tricks. Yes, we agree with the fact that we are inclined to new technology and taking few good steps to make our business… Read more »

Royal and Attractive looking Living Rooms

When it comes to repainting the house, our mind stops working specially when it comes to Living Room. We feel so exhausted and fatigue that we sometimes think of dropping the idea. Again to choose colour schemes and check which colour will match the furniture!! Living room is that area of the house which attracts… Read more »

Exterior and Interior Commercial Walk through ( Virtual Tour ) Video by Unreal

3D Architectural commercial Exterior or Interior walk-through Animation video ( Virtual Tour ), Whether it is an hospital, Institute, Airport, Shopping mall, Restaurant, township projects or an industrial or a commercial buildings, our expert team will help you to get a business winning and appealing by Yantram Walk through Animation Studio. this video develop in… Read more »

Want to know the ways to get a perfect 3D Visualization Project?

Yantram Studio has par excellence in creating 3D visualization of your imagination. We always follow basic steps to cater our clients what they desire. Let’s take a look into those basic steps which gives a perfect 3D visualization at the end. Carve the minds and pull out the correct information Asking questions and making statements… Read more »

Visualize your modern bathroom design with Yantram

Is designing your own Bathroom in your mind?? Take a look at the design inspired by Parsian modern lifestyle which gives a serene and calm look to your bathroom. This modern bathroom design speaks all about the Parsian lifestyle.Its interior is also quiet rejuvenated and reviving. Starting with stepping in the bathroom is the huge… Read more »

Be the traveller of your dream house. The secret of 360° Panoramic View is here

“The expert of panorama is in your hand.” Have you ever thought of the pics that you click of your fantasy using your cell phone or smart phone or cameras can traverse you so beautifully? The secret has just been revealed and taking this opportunity to share with you. It is like a child’s play…. Read more »

Oculus Rift – The Evolver of the Realm !!!

Want a rift from the games which is boredom to your life? I have the magic wind which will zest you up and connect you with the 3D world of games where you can be the real player. I am talking about virtual reality head mounted display – Oculus Rift DK2. The only virtual reality… Read more »

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    Watch 3D Bar Interior Design and Architectural Animation Video

    Watch 3D Bar Interior Design and Architectural Animation video by Yantram Studio – This video shows a 3D interior design and animation of Bar located at UK. It can be used on all types of projects including: Restaurant Design, Office Design, Hotel Design, Bar Design and Nightclub Design and More. We specialized in 3D Architectural… Read more »

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    Augmented Reality – An Interactive World to live in !

    In the past few years, we have come across a new technology called Augmented Reality which says “Interact with your dream world through your own senses”, meaning we can play games with our gestures and body movements, we can feel a well constructed building at a foot as if it is in real and can… Read more »

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    Visualize your Abode with Yantram

    Well, we all dream for own house. But, what if that dream comes true and you can actually visualize it before even planning to turn that into real. Isn’t it unbelievable? At Yantram, we design your dreams and turn your imagination into reality using the Virtual Reality Application. This spellbind software allows you to take… Read more »

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  • virtual-reality-video

    The Virtual Way of living life

    “The Surprising Joy Of Virtual Reality And why it’s about to change the world.” Says Yantram Studio. The saying applies here, With the advancements in technology, man has created wonders and Virtual Reality is the best example of the same. What else can be said about the advancement, If man can invent computers, he can… Read more »

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    Yantram Shifts to New Office, Grows Bigger and Better

    New place, new hopes and rejuvenated energy – this is what awaits the Yantram employees as they plan to shift to their new office. Yes, Yantram is shifting to a new place. Our Animation Studio has proliferated in the last few years. Thanks to our clientele and of course, our ever-enthusiastic employees, we have been… Read more »

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    5 Handy Augmented Reality Apps for Education

    Google Glass, the most vivid example of augmented reality (AR) application, is yet to become a ‘layman thing’. But, thanks to the developers, augmented reality applications have become easily available for smartphone users. Right from utility to games, not a single app genre is left unoccupied. Currently, though, it is the educational AR apps that… Read more »

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  • virtual reality

    Yantram Studio : Virtual Reality Immersive Solutions

    In a VRE (Virtual Reality Environment), we experiences a immersion, or the feeling of going inside and be a part of that world. We are also able tointeract with his environment in the meaningful ways. The integration of a sense of immersion and interactivity is called telepresence. A Scientist name Jonathan Steuer defined it as “the extent to… Read more »

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    VIRTUAL (Interactive) 3D FLOOR PLAN – Best Property Marketing Tool

    Before coming to Interactive visualization and 3D Interactive Floor Plan and Virtual Reality Technology in the real estate business. Yantram Studio would like to enlighten the area of 3D Floor Plan. 3D Floor Plan, in the visualization world, always have upper hand among other available ways of visualization whether its’ part of planning or marketing… Read more »

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  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality (AR) – A Quickly Growing New Age Technology

    Augmented Reality (AR) gives a live view of a physical, real world environment whose elements augmented by computer generated input like sound, video, information, graphics, or GPS data. This AR technology is closer to the real world. Augmented reality is varying the way we view the world. AR technology is growing quickly and some of… Read more »

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  • virtual-reality-how-far-can-it-go-beyond-gaming-yantram-animation-studio

    Virtual Reality – How Far Can It Go Beyond Gaming?

    A decade ago, operating phones simply with touch seemed too good to be true. But, thanks to technology that dream finally came true. However, smartphones are not the only privilege that technology has given to mankind. With smartphones came myriad of other opportunities. In the tech world, initiation of one mechanism opens up ways for… Read more »

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